Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey wait, I ordered my food a while ago! Where is it?

We deliver as fast as we can, usually we have your food for less than 15 mins! So if it's taking a long time it's likely that the restaurant is backed up with other orders. Good food takes time and we don't like to rush our friends. Rest assured that once we have your food we will bring it to you ASAP. Good food also tastes best fresh and we value your experience. Also you can call us at 971-772-1856 and we'll figure out whats going on.

Q: Should I tip for food delivery?

Yes, you really should. We mostly work for tips and if we charged what it would actually cost to reasonably provide this service people would probably not place orders in the first place.

Q: I'm one block outside of your delivery zone! will you expand it to bring me food?

NO! but thanks for asking our zone represents the furthest we are able/willing to go.