P-Town Couriers LLC

Q: Why do I have a charge from "PTOWNCOURIERSLLC" on my credit card?

I know what you're thinking who are these people and why are they stealing my money? Well I'll tell ya! We provide online ordering and delivery services for a number of Portland restaurants. including but not limited to; Kayo's Ramen Bar, Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels, Khao Soy Thai and Baby Blue Vegan Pizza. Check out our restaurants page to see which other places we work with.

Anyways, since we provide the online ordering and we process payments for orders, even pick up orders! (I know weird) It's our name that shows up on your statement, so please don't report us as fraud! its super expensive and inconvenient for us to deal with. If this doesn't clear things up for you please give me (Ponce, the owner) a call and I'll help us figure out whats going on!


Thanks in advance and I hope your food was delicious!